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About Bare Anatomy

Because products on the shelf are not the best for you. Your hair and skin are unique, and so are their needs and requirements.

At Bare Anatomy, your products are made just for you, taking into account your hair type, your hair quality, your lifestyle, and your preferences!



Bare Anatomy Pre-Shampoo Mask


200 gm | Rs. 1499

A highly concentrated pre-shampoo hair mask for relaxation and boosting hair nourishment
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Bare Anatomy Hair Oil


100 ml | Rs. 949

A custom bottle of non-greasy and non-sticky hair oil that provide nutrients to damaged hair
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Bare Anatomy Shamoo


300 ml | Rs. 749

A deep cleansing personalized shampoo made with plant derivatives
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Bare Anatomy Conditioner


300 ml | Rs. 849

A personalized conditioner to restore moisture without weighing the hair down
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Bare Anatomy Hair Serum


100 ml | Rs. 949

A customized potent hair serum that offers more than just shine
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100 gm | Rs. 500

Our naturally extracted aloe vera gel has an instant soothing effect that leaves your hair and skin with a burst of hydration.

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100 ml | Rs. 1500

Sourced from the Sous valley of Morocco, our luxurious Argan oil strengthens hair and adds shine for lustrous looking hair.

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100 gm | Rs. 750

Sourced from the savannah region of Ghana, our shea butter is highly emollient with a rich texture that replenishes hair.

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Ingredients We Use

All our products are infused with botanical formulations, sourced responsibly from all over the world, having the highest grade of quality. We always keep the list of ingredients we use up-to-date because we believe in being transparent with you.


Ingredients We Use

All our products are infused with botanical formulations, sourced responsibly from all over the world, having the highest grade of quality. We always keep the list of ingredients we use up-to-date because we believe in being transparent with you.



  • About Bare Anatomy
    • What we do?

      Bare Anatomy is a proudly Indian hair care brand. We create customized products that factor in your personal data and a wide range of external... characteristics.With years of research experience, our scientists bring the most advanced and effective hair care products for your unique needs. All our base formulations are created with plant extracts that are proven to be naturally effective on your hair and skin.

    • How are you different from other brands?

      We are an R&D focussed company with the mission to create the best-in-class hair care products. Our highly qualified scientists, with extensive experience in the personal care industry,... build personalized products for you in our state-of-the-art R&D Labs, where they have tried and tested thousands of permutations and combinations to make sure that every product offered, lives up to your expectations and fulfills your unique hair needs.

  • About Personalization
    • How does it work?

      Personalization means tailor-made products, just for you! All the customers that we cater to, receive a product made out of a unique formula, as per your personal hair needs.We take into account your unique hair needs and preferences to build your formula! Your hair, your formula, your product, period....

      The Bare Anatomy products are completely personalized and deeply researched. Your product and another customer’s product will be completely different, catering to your respective personal hair needs! Your product will be one in a million, just like you! Unlike the products available in the market - same for everyone!

  • Products
    • What all products do you sell? How much do they cost?

      Currently we formulate 4 products Hair Oil + Shampoo + Conditioner + Hair Serum....

      - Shampoo - 300 ml - 749 INR. - Conditioner - 300 ml - 849 INR. - Hair Serum - 100 ml - 949 INR - Hair oil - 100 ml - 949 INR

      *we sell our products in different combos and on discounts too. For more info, please visit our home page.

    • For how long will the product last?

      Our products are safe for daily usage. However, there is no fixed frequency of usage. It completely depends on your hair requirement.... Since shampoo plays a role of cleansing and nourishment, you can stick to twice or thrice a week. Which will last approximately for 1.5- 2 months.

    • What is the shelf life of the product?

      We care for your hair as much as you do, which is why we do not use Paraben and other harmful preservatives in our formulations. Hence, the shelf life of the products is for 6 months. Well that's quite enough we believe.

    • Do you offer sample products?

      Sorry, we are unable to provide samples as each of our products are personalized and takes a lot of time and effort to formulate. Hope you’ll understand!

  • Hair Quiz
    • How do I choose my hair bond structure?

      You can identify your hair bond structure by noticing your hair's behavior after they dry from a wash. In case you're confused between two, options, pick the lower one. For instance, pick curly in case you're confused between curly and coily.

    • How do I choose my hair scalp type?

      Pick oily if your hair get sticky within 24 hours of drying from a hair wash. Pick dry if your hair become static and frizzy within 24 hours of hair wash.

    • What if I’m not sure what hair goals will best suit my hair?

      This is why we are here for! Just send us an email to hello@bareanatomy.com or call us at +91 9711170970 and all your queries will be taken care of by our hair experts.

    • How many hair goals can I choose?

      You can choose the perfect formula for your hair profile by choosing upto 3 out of 11 our hair goals:

      - Anti-dandruff: Hydrate and nourish your scalp using botanical formulations that will cleanse your scalp. The anti-inflammatory properties will soothe and nourish the itchy and dry scalp.

      - Anti-hair fall: Strengthen your roots and nourish your hair to prevent further hair loss and breakage. The ingredients used for this hair goal will help smoothen and thicken the hair, making it resilient to hair breakage.


      - Anti-frizz: Protect your hair strands from additional frizz, static, and breakage. Soften the hair texture for a smoother and shinier appearance.

      - Moisturize: Help treat your hair with by adding a dose of long-lasting hydration that will restore your hair’s moisture balance and prevent further loss of moisture.

      - Strengthen: To protect your hair from further breakage, increase your hair’s natural elasticity and resilience.

      - Shine: Using the right ingredients, you can improve the shine and luster of your hair that will give it a more healthy appearance.

      - Volume: Remove the excess build up from your scalp and help inject your hair with the added lift. This will rejuvenate your roots and lifeless strands.

      - Oil control: To help prevent excessive oil production from your scalp, treat your hair to stimulate and revitalize your scalp, while also retaining the nutrients.

      - Repair damage: Replenish your hair by reversing damage, nourishing the nutrient depleted hair strands, and protecting your hair from external aggressors.

      - Nourish scalp: Stimulate blood circulation in your scalp and hair roots by helping transport the key nutrients to your hair hair shaft.

      - Treat split ends: To get a sleek finish and prevent new split ends, use the ingredients of our products to smooth and coat your split ends that will result in hair breakage.

    • Can I choose different colours for each product individually in a single order?

      Right now we do not have an option to choose individual colors for each product. However, you can mention the same in the “Special instructions” section in your cart... at it will be taken care of by our experts or Just send us an email to hello@bareanatomy.com or call us at +91 9711170970 right after placing your order.

  • Ingredients Information
    • What ingredients are used while making your products?

      It completely depends on the type of hair goals that you have chosen while taking your hair quiz. Our scientists first analyse your data and then handpick the ingredients for your perfect formulation...

      We use ingredients like Shea butter, Argon oil, Rosemary extracts, Amla and other botanical extractions in our formulations and we do not use harmful chemicals like SLS and Paraben.

    • Are your products free from Sulphates, Paraben and Silicone?

      We at Bare Anatomy are extremely focused on making our products free from any kind of harmful chemicals like Paraben, SLS etc. We care for our customers and are very honest in the formulation of our products....

      We do not use any harmful Sulfates like SLS. However, we do use SLES which is much milder and doesn't have any bad impact. It is safe to use in bath and body products and is very gentle to use on both hair and skin. Also, there have been extensive research that shows SLES to be perfectly safe for use on the skin.

      However, our Conditioner and Hair Serum do contain silicones. We believe in only using ingredients that we feel comfortable using ourselves. We use water-soluble silicones because they don’t cause product build-up and are easily washable.

    • Are your products cruelty free?

      Absolutely! our products are cruelty free. We love animals as much as you do. Hence, they are tested only on humans not on animals.

    • Can your products be used as medicated products or for severe hair issues / diseases?

      Although we do not use any harmful chemicals in our products however, your safety and well-being are always our top priority. If you have any specific concerns it's always best to check with your physician.

  • Order and Payment
    • How do I place my order?

      Once you are logged in to the website. Click on “Take the Hair Quiz” and start answering the questionnaire. Once you are done with it, just select the products of your choice followed by your address information and payment preferences.

    • What are the payment options available?

      You can choose any preferred mode of payments from Debit Card, Credit Card, Paytm wallet, UPI and COD (Cash On Delivery)...

      *To avoid COD charges of INR 49.00 we suggest you choose any of the online payment options for seamless and hassle free delivery of your order.

    • What if I want to make changes in my order after placing?

      If you would like to make any changes on your new order like shipping address and a contact number, Hair goal changes or any other... information, please email us at hello@bareanatomy.com or call us at +91 9711170970 as soon as possible so we can update it for you.

    • How can I repeat my last order?

      Your data remains safe with us in your personal account. You can just login using your registered Email ID and repeat your order, it will automatically pick your data from your last order.

    • What if I want to make changes in my data or hair goals this time?

      To change your hair goal and preferences in your next order just click on the 3 horizontal lines on the top right corner and click “Take Hair Quiz”.... From there you'll be taken to the hair quiz, where you can change the answers to your hair profile, the hair goals and/or the colors and fragrance.

    • Why are there no single products available?

      We do not sell single products as of now because our products work best when combined with other products. However, for repeat customers we do have refills available in the form of single products.

  • Shipping and Delivery
    • How much does shipping cost?

      We offer free shipping on orders above Rs. 700! However, there is a COD convenience charge of Rs. 49.00 on cash on delivery orders only. For orders below Rs. 700, we charge a shipping fee of Rs. 99 in case of both pre-paid and cash on delivery orders!

    • How many days it will take for the order to reach?

      Our scientists take 1-2 days to formulate your order. Once, your perfect formulation is ready it will take rest 3-4 days to reach you depending upon the location. In toal 5-7 days approx....

      *We ship from Delhi-NCR.

    • How can I track my order?

      Once your perfect formulation has left our facility, you will receive an email with the tracking information included....

      In case you are not able to track your order, don’t worry just write to us at hello@bareanatomy.com or call us at +91 9711170970 and we have got your back.

    • How do I know my order is being delivered today?

      On the day of your order delivery you will receive a text and Email notification from our shipping partner and the delivery person will contact you for a hassle free delivery....

      In case you missed the delivery of your order by any chance, we will arrange a second attempt the very next day to deliver it.

      *Total 3 attempts will be made before your order returns to our facility.

    • Do you ship Internationally?

      Currently we do not serve internationally. However, we are taking on the international market sooner than you think!

  • Account
    • What If I forgot my password?

      Don’t worry, just click on the forget password link on the login page and you will receive a link via email to change your password. Once updated/Changed you’ll be able to login to your account....

      In case of any issue, please drop us an email at hello@bareanatomy.com or call us at +91 9711170970 and all your issues will be taken care of.

    • How do I change my account details?

      If you wish to make any changes in your account like Email Address or a contact number, just drop us an email on hello@bareanatomy.com or call us at +91 9711170970 and we’ll help you out.

    • Can your products cure Hair fall?

      Hair fall can happen due to multiple reasons and it depends on lots of factors. Using cosmetic products might not help you cure it completely....

      On an average one can lose between 80-100 strands a day, which is considered as normal.

      However, if you are losing more than the average amount of hair strands a day then you might need to consult your Doctor.

      The major and most common factors involved in hair loss are:

      Hormonal changes. Examples include:
      pregnancy childbirth use of birth control pills menopause
      Medical conditions that can cause hair loss include:
      thyroid disease alopecia areata (an autoimmune disease that attacks hair follicles) scalp infections like tinea capitis

      Diseases that cause scarring, such as lichen planus and some types of lupus, can result in hair loss because of the scarring.

      Hair loss can also be due to medications used to treat:
      cancer high blood pressure arthritis depression heart problems

      Climatic conditions and environment around you also plays a major role in hair fall.

      It can also happen due to the deficiency of essential nutrients like Vitamin K, Biotin, Zinc etc.

    • Are your products CG approved?

      Our shampoo and Hair Oil are indeed curly girl approved and will help you meet your hair goals....

      However, our hair conditioner does contain Dimethicone which is not CG approved. We are already working on CG friendly formulations and will come up with the solutions very soon.

      For the time being you can opt for our Shampoo or Hair oil for your needs.